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I lodged my Permanent Residency papers through E-Visa. If I had to put E-Visa’s services into three simple words it would be – Efficient, Honest and Friendly.

  • Efficient – My application was lodged proficiently and I was kept updated on any new developments in my application. Mr. Puthussery has years of experience behind him regarding matters of migration, so I had peace of mind knowing that I was in safe hands.
  • Honest – They will give you an honest opinion on what can be done to help you. Once you talk to them, you know you have come to the right place – they are the right people, with the right set of skills, who will deal with your queries in an honest manner.
  • Friendly – Mr. Puthussery and Tessy Puthussery are a pleasure to talk with. They make you feel welcome and deal with all your inquiries in a professional manner.

Plus, E-Visa offers an option of paying their fees in installments – so I did not have to run around frantically trying to pay all the money at once.

I have been very pleased with their services and I have been recommending them to friends and family ever since!

Julia John Allil, Kerala, India

We have known Varghese since 2003 when we first thought about migrating to Australia. Having spent more than a decade in the Middle East, it was sheer luck or should we say Google that led us to e-Visa Australia. A few exchange of emails confirmed what we had initially sensed in the first telecon we had with Varghese, that he was a true professional who exactly knew how the migration process works. Over the span of the next twelve months as we worked through the process we were able to understand the zeal with which he pursues each case. His ability to review our case on its merits with objectivity and present it professionally culminated in our dream coming true, an Australian PR. An opportunity to thank Varghese personally came when we made our first landing in Perth in November 2004. We will never forget the support and help that Varghese and Tessy gave us during the brief period we were in Perth.

However due to reasons beyond our control we did not migrate to Australia in the next five years and our PR expired meanwhile. We had moved to India and had completely given up our dream of getting down under, when Varghese advised us to apply for a Return Resident Visa (RRV) which was fortunately granted. We finally reached Perth on May 11, 2012. Varghese has been the true inspiration behind our journey to Australia, without whom we would never have made it here the first and the second time! We will always remain indebted to him for that.

Praveen, Sindhu & Roshni, Kuwait

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Mr and Mrs Varghese Puthussery at e-Visa Australia Pty Ltd for the efficient and professional immigration service they provided in helping us obtain our permanent residency.

The professional and speedy manner in which they dealt with our application for permanent residency was one of a kind. From start to finish, they were always very friendly and immensely helpful and professional in all our dealings and this gave us a peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Their great attention to detail and expertise in employment based immigration speaks for itself after they were able to obtain our RSMS 857 visa approved in less than a month’s time.

Thanks again for all of your help and both of you deserve to be commended for your excellent professional services. We will definitely tell all our friends about your services.

Alex and Faith

Definitely this is no child’s play when it comes to advice regarding Immigration matters. Unfortunately in most of the cases, people are in real trouble by the time they decide to get some professional advice. This is exactly what happened to me. I had made up my mind to lodge my visa myself. I was confident I could do it but soon realized it was not as easy as I thought.

I was running out of time as well. With only 5 days left to lodge my application, although I started the process a month before made me realize that I couldn’t do it on my own. I desperately began to look for professional advice.

Varghese’s service was a recommendation from a close friend who experienced almost the same situation a few years ago. I had already spoken to some agents before I met Varghese , so I wasn’t expecting anything new. However, to my surprise, I’ve experienced the best service so far, from the very beginning deciding what strategy to follow, until the end, when I finally received the email with my “Visa grant letter”. Not forgetting to mention all the assistance given to me, when Varghese and Tessy simply dropped everything they were working on to take on my case immediately, since we were running out of time. Definitely I would recommend their services to any of my friends and colleagues seeking for reliable, fast and efficient immigration advice.

Juliana Lauton Soares from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We would like to thank e-visa Australia for guiding us through our Immigration process. We found e-visa Australia service to be cost effective, professional, informative and efficient in executing our PR application to Australia. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

profile pictureJissmon and Tunia, Ireland

I am Arun Sebastian. I migrated from India. I was a student in WA and all my visa matters including Subclass 485 and 857 were handled by e-Visa Australia, Pty Ltd. I have settled in WA with my family. We are really happy with the assistance we received from Mr and Mrs Puthussery. In my opinion they are passionate, enthusiastic and determined in their profession. I have many friends whom I referred to e- visa or had previously engaged e-Visa for their migration purpose to Australia. Everybody has only one thing to say about e-Visa Australia Pty Ltd- “We are all 100% satisfied with your service”. My family and I wish you all the very best for your future endeavours. A BIG THANKS!

Kind Regards,

Arun Sebastian , India

My husband and myself hail from southern India. We are both geologists by profession and were considering migrating to Australia. It was a dream come true to meet Mr Varghese Puthusserry (MARA agent, E-Visa Australia Pty. Ltd) in an open meeting about migration to Australia in Cochin, Kerala. He helped us in assessments and all application procedures for Visa application which otherwise is a big hurdle. We along with our little son were granted permanent resident Visa within 8 months of application. Now we are settled in Perth, Australia and for us its a home away from home.

We are very thankful to Varghese, Tessy and E-Visa Australia Pty Ltd for helping us in achieving our dreams. May God bless them with all happiness and success.

Thanks and Kind regards

Rehna and Hari , India

My name is Senthil Kumar and I have been living in Australia since 2008 on work visa. Last year, prior to moving to Australia, I approached e-Visa Australia Pty Ltd for my permanent residency visa application, including my mother as my dependent. I was impressed by Mr Varghese’s professionalism, commitment and in depth knowledge of Immigration rules and regulations and I would recommend e- Visa to anyone trying for Australian PR.

I am very thankful to Mr Varghese Puthussery for his help and guidance throughout the PR application process.

Thanks and Kind regards

Senthil Kumar

I received my Australian Permanent Residency (PR) in July 2008 and my brother Biju Moothedan received his Australian PR last month (July 2012). We migrated from India as skilled workers. When my brother decided to migrate to Australia four years after I got my PR, I told him to use E-visa Australia for the visa application process because I was very happy with the service that I received from them for my visa process four years ago. Having received our Australian Permanent Residency we would like to say how supportive and reliable E-visa Australia was with their advice on the submission of our visa application accurately with all required documentation for the visa processing. E-visa Australia submitted my brother’s application as a “decision ready visa application” which made the process quicker than we expected. We felt very relaxed by appointing E-visa Australia as our agent for the visa application by reducing the stress often associated with the whole process. We are pleased we got our Australian PR through E-visa Australia and would not hesitate to use their service again or to recommend them to our friends.

Shabu Moothedan, Perth, Australia

Not always do you come across migration consultants who are with you through the thick and thin of the entire migration process advising and guiding you without being impatient or a laggard. However, we can say that Mr Puthussery's service was exemplary. He is very trustworthy and reliable and provided us with excellent service, which made the whole PR process easy and quick. All the best for your future ventures.

Ajai & Selda, Ireland

" Thank you so much e-visa Australia Pty Ltd for all the services you did to ensure our Permanent Residency in Australia. We didn't know much about the procedure and paper work, but e-visa Australia Pty Ltd made it a rather simple task for us. We are so pleased with your vast knowledge and expertise with the changing rules and also appreciate your good customer service."

Lazar Amal Raj and Renjini Amal Raj

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr Varghese for helping us achieve our PR. We are so glad to get our PR so quickly. It is only because of your timely guidance and support. We started the process at the end of July, 2012 starting with a consultation with Varghese. It is amazing that the entire process including ANMAC Skill Assessment took only 5 months. I couldn’t have achieved this without your support. Thank You for everything. We wish you success in all your future work.

Thank you for your prompt and courteous service and we would have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to anyone trying to migrate to Australia.



We got our Australian PR, thanks to E-Visa Australia Pty Ltd. Mr Varghese and his team helped us throughout the complex procedure and the visa got granted without any hassles. I would not hesitate to recommend E-visa Pty Ltd to anyone wishing to use this service.

Sujo Cyriac and family, Ireland

After living in Australia for nearly five years, first completing postgraduate studies then entering the workforce, I decided that I wanted to seek permanent residency. I'd put off applying for some time as the process seemed a bit daunting and the rules were ever-changing. I was referred to Varghese at e-Visa Australia by a friend, also a former overseas student, and I've been very happy with the service provided. As a Canadian (whose first language is English) with a degree from Australia and work experience in a field in demand my migration was relatively straightforward. That being said, many facets of the application process can be confusing and I was grateful to have Varghese on hand to address my many questions. Submitting an Expression of Interest on SkillSelect and actually lodging the visa application were completely painless, as both these tasks were handled by e-Visa with only minimal effort on my part. In the end, I was granted PR months earlier than I personally expected and am looking forward to building a life in Australia. Thanks again Varghese and Tessy.

Sarah Razzaqi, Canada

We appreciate all the help you have provided to get the permanent residency done for us. Right from the very beginning when we arrived in Australia in 2009 your service helped us to achieve our goal for PR. For the past few months you have given the complete service till everything came together. We are really appreciative to you and Mrs.Tessy Puthussery for all the support you have provided. We are happy to recommend you to all our friends. We will be requesting you for your help and services in the future too. Thanking you once again from the bottom of our hearts.

Nathan, Aydon ,Justin and Leepa.